About the Author

Kathy Myers Krogh has spent every summer at the cottage her grandfather built in 1934, on an island in Muskoka. At Queen’s, she was excited to be part of the first Canadian Literature course offered at a University. After graduating, Kathy and her husband lived in Boston and Washington for the next 14 years. Every summer they would pack up their gear in an old Ford van and drive their four children more than 500 miles north so they could experience cottage life.

Much of Kathy’s inspiration to write stories for children comes from this unique Canadian custom of “going to the cottage.” She likes to write on a clipboard sitting out on the cliff, overlooking Lake Muskoka. Some of her insights come to her while she swims laps between the dock and the cove. Many ideas come from real-life experiences and people she has met on her travels.

In her two books, “Polka Dot And The Segwun” and “The Message in the Maggie MacD” the author draws on her own childhood memories and the experiences of her children, blending them with stories of the early days in Muskoka. Kathy has worked in the field of children’s education and theatre.

Five generations of her family have been coming to the cottage on Lake Muskoka. When winter approaches and the boat has to be stored away, Kathy and her husband live on a patch of forest near Tottenham, Ontario.

For the past few summers, Kathy has enjoyed signing copies of her book that she sells at the Gravenhurst Farmers Market. “I get so much pleasure from talking to the children who have read my books, as well as their parents and grandparents, who seem to identify with many of my experiences.”

About the Illustrators

Marthalee Aykroyd provided the delightful illustrations for the new book A Fun Kettle of Fish. Marti graduated from the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and now lives in Muskoka.

Allison Merker, a Toronto artist and actor, provided the art for the covers and drawings for Kathy's first two books, Polka Dot and the Segwun and The Message in the Maggie MacD.