The Message in the Maggie MacD A Fun Kettle of Fish is full of silly sayings in Muskoka. Gramps surprises Jason and Kate with a cruise on the Segwun. When they meet the Captain, the children enjoy the silly sayings that fly through the air between these old friends. “Look who the cat dragged in!” Kate enjoys collecting these sayings in her notebook. Gramps explains that many of the old fashioned expressions are about animals because most people grew up on farms. “Wait till the cows come home. Hold your horses! When pigs fly.” Sayings are often passed down in families. Jason joins in the fun by picturing some of these sayings in his mind and this forms the basis for some of the comical illustrations. “It’s raining cats and dogs. Isn’t this a fine kettle of fish?”

What does it look like when Pigs Fly?

How about when it's raining Cats and Dogs?

Find out with a Fun Kettle of Fish!